Sunday, 19 May 2024

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Code of conduct

  • The students are strictly to follow the uniform dress code during the academic term
  • Ragging and such activities are strictly Punishable as per Government Direction
  • Usage of Mobile Phones are prohibited inside the institution premises.
  • No claim from any student/parent for refund of fees under any circumstances is entertained.
  • In any special case if student wishes to discontinue the college before expiry of the course or seek transfer to any other College, the student shall pay the full fees then prescribed during the admission for the rest of years.
  • Students shall pay all outstanding dues in time of tuition /Library/ hostel, transport any other dues.
  • The College shall have the right to withhold the transfer certificate and any other certificates until the dues/outstanding are fully paid.
  • No student shall be permitted to appear for the Examination unless he/she clears all the arrears due to the institution library, and hostel, if any.
  • All candidates must pay the fees at the time of admission. Failure to pay the fees on or before the date(s) specified will result in additional penalty.
  • The institution takes all precautions to admit the student based on the eligibility certificate produced by the students. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain necessary eligible certificates.
  • The college will not be held responsible for any such rejection of the application by the statutory body and students shall not have any claim for refund of fees.